Trail Cameras For Deer Hunting

The season winds down, every year, and the same guys start to pack up their gear with hopes of next year’s certain success.  Every year, the same thoughts role through their heads, “If only I had a little more time.”  I have never met a hunter who told me that he bagged all of the game he wanted to that season.  I have never heard a fisherman tell me he caught too many fish, and that he just had too much time to go fishing.  I’ve never heard a hunter say that he spent too much time waiting for that perfect buck, and wished he had spent less time hunting and more time rearranging his nuts and bolts in his garage.  Let’s face it, the one thing that any outdoorsman wants and needs…is more time.

trail camera for improved deer hunting success
trail camera for improved deer hunting success

There are plenty of ways to optimize your time spent out in the field.  One of the easiest, is to narrow down the areas that you set up your ground blind or tree stand to the most heavily travelled locations.  Any deer trail can bring some useful game, but finding out which bucks are travelling on which trails can allow you to pick and choose your targets to maximize efficiency and make the most of your time.  An easy way to do that, is to utilize a trail camera. Deer Pros is a good place to start if you are looking for trail camera tips or trail camera reviews. Not all units are created equal and you definitely don’t want to spend a bunch of money to get empty pictures.

Deer tend to live, eat and travel in the same certain areas over and over.    A strategically posted trail camera will give today’s hunter photographic proof of the size of the buck, as well as the time of day that he prefers to frequent that particular path.  There are several different options on the market, and there are different ways that they operate.  The most common operational systems involve infrared trackers, time-lapse photography, or movement generated tracking units.

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In the infrared options, the camera’s sensors are programmed to register heat changes emitted from animals that trigger the shutter in the camera.  This can be useful in a calm, controlled climate, as drastic changes in weather can affect this type of operation.  In the time-lapse photography units, the camera is simply programmed on a frequency timer.  If the hunter wants to track movement every 10 minutes, for example, he would set the timer to do just that.  This prevents the camera from being affected by weather changes or intense heat.  Unfortunately, this type of camera also has its limits.  If the shutter goes off at 10 minutes, and 2 minutes later that prize buck walks by, you will miss the shot.  The movement controlled cameras operate by tracking and registering significant movement from one zone into another, which triggers the shutter to activate.  A deer that has significant size, and travels at an even pace will set off the camera and the photo will be taken.  However, other animals of significant size and gait will also set off the shutter, and there may be a lot of pictures to sift through at the end of the day.

Any of these units however, will give today’s hunter an advantage.  Today’s hunter now has the opportunity to schedule his time around the buck’s recorded behavior.  In a world where nobody has enough time, being able to schedule your time in your blinds and stands is invaluable.   Regardless of the model or mode you chose, make sure you utilize this popular piece of equipment.

2013 Event


With the backdrop of the Valle Vidal and Wheeler Peak Wilderness, this event
has drawn organizational support from the Just Over the Back Archery Club,
Taos Hunting Company,  Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, New Mexico Game and Fish,  Wild Turkey Federation, Carson National Forest, Camping World, and several local guides for hunting and fishing.  The goal of the event is to promote what Red River is all about outdoor wise:  hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, off-road trail riding, snowmobiles, snowshoeing XC skiing, downhill skiing, and a host of other outdoor activities.

If you would like to have a booth at this event please contact, the of Commerce at 800-348-6444 x 1 or email them at

The expo will take place inside the Red River Conerence Center and in Brandenburg Park.  Here you will be able to enjoy the local retailers, vendors and the Wild Game Cook-off.  You can also sign up for the weekend of activities such as raffles, and the wild game cook-off.

Archery & Fly Fishing Exhibition

  • Takes place in Brandenburg Park
  • Saturday and Sunday Exhibition
  • Pros and Juniors


Wild Game Cook-Off

  • Location: Brandenburg Park
  • Free Entry
  • Enter by October 2, 2013
  • Any Game
  • Multiple Entries Accepted
  • $50 1st / $25 2nd (Chamber Cash)

Raffle tickets will be sold throughout event:  $5 each or 5 for $25. 
Drawings will be held Sunday, October 6 at 3:45 p.m. during the Expo inside the Red River Conference Center.  Need Not Be Present to Win (Raffles only).


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